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Treatments and Services Offered
Conventional non-Surgical Root Canal Treatment:
The main practice in our clinic is limited to endodontics. After conclusion of the endodontic therapy, patient is referred back to the family dentist to receive the final restorative / prosthetic treatment.
Orthograde Re-treatment of Failed Root Canal Treatments:
Unfortunately a number of patients who have received endodontic therapy a while ago, are faced with the probability of failure of that treatment. Patients may show up with clinical discomforts such as acute / dull pain, swelling  or fistula. In such circumstances, after assessing crown restorability, we attempt to save the tooth by redoing the failed RCT.

In some cases, there is a asymptomatic failed RCT with a worn out restoration requiring to change the cap. Prior to changing the restoration, redo of the failed root canal therapy is indicated.
Surgical Approach of Failed Root Canal Treatments:
In rare cases, after clinical and radiographic examination of the failed Root Canal Therapy, we may come to conclusion that orthograde approach is not feasible and / or practical.  In such circumstances, we rather surgically approach the root apex, in which case, all aspects of the operation will be explained to the patient.
Intra-coronal Bleaching of Discolored Tooth:
After having received treatments using old techniques, unfortunately many of the crowns can show discoloration, which creates an unpleasant appearance for the patient. Today, with the advancement in material  and techniques, this problem has largely been solved. In addition, bleaching of the crowns which after treatments have discolored, is also possible.
General Consultation​ to Patients and Colleagues:
In many cases, complexity of the case requires a  multi-disciplinary approach of a specialist team. Obviously, plenty of questions have been formed in patient 's mind that I am eager to explain in all details.