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Case 2: Lower Bicuspid With Three Separate Roots
Case 3: Upper Left First Bicuspid With Three Separate Roots
Case 1: Severe Curvature in Upper Bicuspid
Case 5: Retreatment of Failed RCT of Lower Left First Bicuspid with Two Roots
Case 6: Retreatment of Upper Right Second Bicuspid With Three Separate Roots
Case 4: Calicified Canals and Two Separate Canals in Lower Left First Bicuspid
Case 8: Orthograde Root Canal Treatment of Two Upper Molar
Case 9: Race Rotary instrumentation of lower molar  with extra root
Case 7: BT Race + XP endo + TotalFill Sealer Combination
Case 11: XPshaper in action in long roots
Case 12: Radix Entomolaris
Case 10: Root Canal therapy of maxillary molar with four distinct roots
Case 13: BT Race sequence in four rooted molar
Case 14: BT Race Case in Long Roots of First Molar
Case 15: Lower Bicuspid with Two Bifurcated Canals
Case 16: Preparation of Apical Hook up to Rotary Race#40 .02
Case 17: Rotary Race Taper .02 Preparation in Double Curvature
Case 18: Resilon and Epiphany Sealer Filled Canals
Case 19: Dancing Canal
Case 20: Orthograde Treatment of Huge Apical Lesion
Case 21: Orthograde Redo of Failed RCT
Case 23: Scout RaCe + BT Race Preparation in Long Roots of Molar
Case 24: Radix Entomolaris
Case 22: Scout Race + BT-Race Preparation in Long Roots
Case 25: Race #35 .04 Apical Preparation in Calcified & Curved Canals
Case 26: BioRace Shaping in Long Roots of Mandibular Molar
Case 27: Nice Curvature
Case 29: "Dancing Canal “ and Retreatment of Failed RCTs
Case 30: BT Race Sequence in Long Roots of Manibular Molar
Case 28: Internal Resorption Filled with Totalfill Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer
Case 32: Api-Safe Instrument Preparation in Double Curvature
Case 31:  Dens Invaginatus with three Canals Filled with TotalFill Bioceramic Sealer
Case 33: TotalFill RRM  Paste to Fill Necrotic Open Apex Incisor Canal
Case 34:  D-Race
Case 35: XP Endo Shaper
Treatment Cases