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Dr. Shahram Azimi
With a long experience in teaching, lecturing, and hands-on training courses, Dr. Shahram Azimi is well known and respected among his colleagues, students, and patients as a true passionate of Endodontics practice. During his days in academia, he was renowned by his students as a faculty with a clear mission: “to change Endodontics treatment from a nightmare to a pleasant experience.“  He believes in integrating modern and new innovations into daily treatments and transferring that knowledge to his fellow students.

Dr. Shahram Azimi has taught at the Endodontics Department of Dental Sciences School at the Azad Medical University in Tehran.  His tenure spanned for nearly two decades during which he produced many publications.

In his own words: “For the past twenty years my life has been fully devoted to the world of Endodontics. If born again, I would take the same path without any hesitation.“
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Architecture       Shariati University  - Tehran  Iran

Marjan has been working at Dr. Azimi’s office for the past five years. She is a key member of his practice. Her capability to read Dr. Azimi’s mind and hand over the proper medical instrument is legendary. Her smiling face is a proven way to put anxious patients at ease.
Marjan Mehrabi
Born in 1993, Nazanin received her associate degree in cinema make-up from the Azad University Art School in 2013. During her education, Nazanin worked as assistant in specialty dental clinics, gaining valuable experience.

Her calm manners, smiling face, and professional attitude is a great privilege to have for our office.
Nazanin Jan-Mohammadi